The “Podolico” Caciocavallo – Cheese

Address Località Stinchitiello (zona PIP), 71037 Monte S. Angelo FG, Italia

From prized milk cow, from wise processing, the dosage of the times, by tradition, jealously guarded, born the Caciocavallo Podolico. It is a hard cheese with an intense flavor and a hint of herbs, flowers and spices. The Caciocavallo, protected by Slow Food, is so called because this cheese, matured in caves, is tied in pairs and hung astride a stick with a rope of rushes. The exceptionality of Caciocavallo Podolico comes from the particular milk used, produced in very few quantities and only in a particular period of the year from Podolica cows, a breed rare and confined to a few areas of the south of Italy. It is recommended for those who love the unique flavors.

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